Caffeine & Sass

Life & Loss

I spent the weekend anticipating the arrival of my month old nephew. Anyone who has done the same knows how exciting that can be. One of my good friends on the other hand spent the weekend continuing to mourn the... Continue Reading →


Impact Dispatch

Back in May I set the goal of writing a blog post a week until September 30th. I’ve always enjoyed writing and in order to get better at anything, you have to practice, thus the goal was set. The first... Continue Reading →

I Will Not Apologize

Throughout life people will try to make you feel bad for thinking a certain way or acting a certain way. Now mind you, if these are negative behaviors or distructive words, you may deserve this backlash, but when you are... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Intermittent Fasting: 5 Things I’ve Learned So Far

If you've seen my last post, I recently began getting my toes wet in the world of intermittent fasting. (Adventures into Intermittent Fasting) The following are 5 big takeaways I've had in the past couple weeks, and I will continue... Continue Reading →

Adventures into Intermittent Fasting

I’m a firm believer in that everyone is different and there’s a reason there are so many healthy diets or eating lifestyles, that allow people to get in shape and maintain it. (Notice I said “healthy” here, I’m looking at... Continue Reading →

How I Live Well with Depression & You Can Too

With all the recent increase in discussion about mental health, I thought would be a great time to share my ten tips with living with depression and how you too, can overcome it! Ha. I wish. In the words of... Continue Reading →

Small Business Everyday Pt. 1

"Owning a business means you're facing your fear every day as you fail and soar, sometimes simultaneously."    -Mindy Schoeneman Starting this blog meant putting myself out there. It's scary, it's exciting, and it meant making myself vulnerable. I can only... Continue Reading →

Well That Didn’t Go Like I Thought It Would

Someday, when I write my memoirs (because let's be honest my life has been a roller coaster of nonstop fun and excitement and who wouldn't want to read about it) this will be the title. It's perfect, because I'm pretty... Continue Reading →

It’s Just a Pile of Clothes

To most people it's just a pile of clothes in the corner of my room that looks like I was too lazy to put them away, but to me, it's so much more. It's an ever present reminder of my... Continue Reading →

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